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January Rune Journey

January Rune Journey

Journey with the Runes is a monthly container where we gather to dive deeply into the world of our subconscious allowing the magic of the runes to bring us guidance, clarity, wisdom, and gifts.


In these circles guided by Rose Wollf, Shamanic Practitioner, Witch, Hypnotherapist, and Forest Educator, we explore shamanic journeying through the ancient Celtic and Nordic medicine wheel, mythology, and nature magic.

January’s Theme: Yule, Mörsugur, or “fat-sucking month”

and The Wolf Moon

We dive deeply into the energies and ancestral wisdom present each month, activating ancient DNA and allowing myth, symbolism, nature, and spirit to guide us.

To begin, there is a teaching on the Norse/Celtic shamanic medicine wheel, Gods & Goddesses, ceremonial practices aligned with the wheel of the year’s nine major sabbats, and how the runes and tree oghams are woven throughout this wisdom tradition.


We ask a question aligned with the energies of the season, moon cycle, and community followed by casting three runes to take us on a guided drum journey. You will need a notebook, and something to cover your eyes to help you deepen your journey.


You will meet guides, and ancestors, receive insights, gifts, tools, activations, and travel the nine worlds. You’ll also have an opportunity to share, ask questions about your journey, and receive personalized guidance on how to continue on your path or anything that you may need more clarity on.

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