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Awakening the Druid Within

A 22-Month Initiation Through the Ogham & Ancient Tree Wisdom

Unlock the Wisdom of the Trees

In this extended initiation course, you will explore and forge an intimate relationship with the trees, discovering their wisdom, magic, and medicine. We will meet once a month to journey with and receive the wisdom, history, and myth of each tree in the Celtic Ogham alphabet. We will dive deeply into one tree each month, and you will practice connecting with that tree through dieting, divination, magical and medicinal methods, and in-person communication. Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey into the heart of ancient Druidic wisdom?

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We will meet once a month for a two hour class covering both the physical and metaphysical aspects of each tree. You'll learn about their medicinal properties, symbolic meanings, and how to communicate with them on a profound, spiritual and energetic level. Each class will include a guided shamanic journey where you will discover the wisdom and medicine of the tree through your own experience. We will learn how to carve, write and create powerful intentions or spells using the ogham letters, calling the spirit of each tree in to activate their symbols. In addition, every month you will be assigned instructions for dieting each tree, organizing and enacting ceremony with them, and practicing their ancient magical uses. This varied study is designed and intended for you to  embody the energy of each tree spirit and foster a personal relationship that will deepen over a lifetime. 


In addition to our monthly class container, you will meet at least once monthly in a small peer group with fellow students to support one another through your process. You will also have access to one-on-one mentorship for additional support and further guidance.

In this course you are given the opportunity to experience druidic life and wisdom, providing you with a pathway to connecting and communing with all trees and plant spirits as allies for your personal journey and healing practice. 

In Person Retreats

In addition to our virtual course, you have the option to join either or both of our in-person weekend retreats at The Sanctuary in the Western Catskills. We will go on forest walks to meditate, journey with and communicate with the trees, create and activate staves, wands and staffs, and learn to make herbal medicines in connection with the tree spirits. 

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Awakening the Druid Within 22 month course will provide you a with a container to delve into the realm of druidic wisdom, and go on a journey of deep personal transformation as you connect with the ancient tree spirits and ancestral practices. You will be supported in your process with peer groups, one to one mentorship, ancient druidic tools, and practices. You are given access to in person retreats, guided journeys, and readings. This course provides you with the opportunity to begin using the ogham as a practitioner. 


The exchange for the program: 

Online Only: $3,800

Online + 1 weekend retreat: $4,075

Online + 2 weekend retreats: $4,350

  • Bi-annual, annual or monthly payment plans are available

  • Sliding scale, and discounts for previous students is also provided-please reach out!

Dates: March 2024-December 2025


Rose Wollf is a poet and writer with an MFA in Creative Writing, and an MA in Education. She is a licensed RTT therapist, shamanic practitioner, student of Celtic and Norse ancient wisdom traditions, mother, and lover of myth and stories. She runs a forest school for children and has been teaching and mentoring the spectrum of ages for over 15 years. She is passionate about connecting with wonder in the animate world, finding meaning and connection. She is a student of indigenous myths, magic, cosmologies and ceremonial practices. She alchemizes communion with spirit, nature, and ancient ways to inspire imagination, voice, vision, and personal growth.

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