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Have you ever imagined or dreamed of writing a story, a memoir, a book of poems, or simply a blog post, but you often find yourself staring at the blank page, or the open refrigerator or social media? Me too. That is why I am here to support you in getting started. I specialize in helping aspiring or struggling writers to connect with their intuition, guidance and flow, so that they can breeze through the writing process, and have it feel joyful and nourishing.

I will support you with a series of unique brainstorming activities rooted in mindfullness and shamanic practices to help you get started, plan your work, and will support you along the way through accountability check-ins, encouragement, and the editing/publishing process.

Writing is how we get our ideas out into the world. Telling our story, writing our poetry, or speaking our truth or desires onto the page is a deeply transformative and empowering process that I am excited to support you through. 

I also believe that creative writing is a very powerful tool for casting spells. After all, our ancestors knew this too, which is why we have the word "spelling." Furthermore, the famous magic words from our childhood, Abracadabra, translate to "it will be as was spoken." I will guide you in using the power of your imagination, intuition, and words to support your visions, and intentions.

Schedule a discovery call with me so we can explore your goals, blocks, and inspirations for writing, and craft a personalized plan.

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I began my writing journey as early as I learned how to do it. I was always creating my own "books," and breezing through school essays and writing assignments as a young child. My teachers told me I had a talent for it, but in my jaded teen years, I didn't pay it any attention. Through a series of coincidences, synchronicities, nudgings and bread crumbs, I found myself sitting in an entry level poetry class my sophomore year of college. I nearly dropped the course thinking it certainly wasn't for me, but stayed in for the easy A. Then by luck and an assignment from a wonderful professor, I went to see the poet, Barbara Hamby, give a reading from her book, All Night Lingo Tango. Something shifted in my brain that night, and poetry began pouring out of me like it was a first language I had lost somewhere along the road. It changed and course corrected the entire journey of my life, bringing me back to my soul's true calling. 

I received my MFA in poetry from The New School studying under the close advisement of Jennifer Michael Hecht and David Lehman among others. I have been teaching creative and analytical writing to children, teens and young adults for about nine years helping them to break through their blocks, access their imaginations and express their wisdom. Now, I also use my shamanic and RTT practices to support with writer's block and accessing divine guidance. 

I know any time I find myself out of the flow of writing, there is a misalignment somewhere in my life. It's an incredibly powerful processing tool that I believe can and has always created our world, as we dream ourselves into being through our stories and songs. I would love to work with you on expressing yours. 

My poems have been published on The Best American Poetry blog, Southeast Review, Espresso Ink, and Able Muse.

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