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I had a remote Shamanic healing session with Rose and it exceeded my expectations. I have done a lot of Shamanic healing work, including remote work, but this was by far the most productive remote healing session I've had. Rose puts you into a very relaxed/receptive state, helps create a protective energy field around you, and then goes through each chakra to see what information comes up and what healing is needed in each energy center. The information and techniques that came up were extremely insightful, and some of the visualizations she recommended as a result of what she saw have made profound shifts in my life. You're conscious and remember the whole session so you benefit from everything she sees and reports back to you. I've had had healing sessions that cost twice as much and were half as productive so I highly recommend a session with Rose. She is very intuitively gifted and well trained at her craft. Highly recommend!

Kimberly Engles

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