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A Year Long Journey


In our year long course, you will dive into the root of the root of yourself and view your life's journey through a mythic lens, discovering its themes, patterns, arcs, gifts, and your truest self at the center of a delicately woven web. In a supportive container, you will be guided through a deeply transformative process to write a myth from your personal story and life. The alchemy and power of story and words will allow you to rise into clarity and the next stage of your journey.

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We will meet once a month for a two to three hour class covering the elements of myth and ancient, universal story structures, exploring the world's mythology with a special focus on Nordic and Celtic myth, archetypes, symbolism, metaphor, and themes. We will study myth through the lens of meaning and its power in understanding the messages and destinies of our own paths in this life time. In addition, we will go on guided shamanic journeys to travel to and explore our mythic landscapes, meet our mythic selves, and receive inspiration, guidance and symbols from our guides. At the end of each class, you will be given an assignment. 


In addition to our monthly class container, you will meet at least once monthly in a small writing workshop group with fellow students to support each other and receive feedback on your stories. You will also receive a monthly one-on-one mentorship session for support and further guidance.

In this course you are provided the opportunity and container to produce a publishable story or piece of writing along with a deeper awareness and awakening of your life, your authentic, empowered and magical self, your purpose, medicine and destiny. 


  • A Recommended Reading List

    • Reading will be assigned to allow you to go deeper into your understanding of myth, inspire you in your writing process, and deepen your own personal and spiritual development journey.

  • Hypnotherapy 

    • As a licensed hypnotherapist, I will provide personalized recordings for the group to listen to throughout the year that will tap into the power of the subconscious mind removing writer's block, giving us access to hidden, fuzzy or forgotten memories, and motivating us forward.

  • Dream Work​

    • You will be encouraged and tasked to write down your dreams and be provided a container to share them and incubate them to support the development of your story and process.

  • Crystal Dreaming

    • In our one to one mentorship sessions, you will receive energetic healing and direct messages from your guides​

  • Intuitive Readings 

    • Utilizing the runes, ogham, oracle and tarot, you have the opportunity to receive guidance, inspiration and clarity through these ancient divination tools.  ​

  • Astrology 

    • We encourage you to explore your chart to support in understanding your story, mission, challenges and themes, and provide you with guidance in applying this knowledge to your personal myth.​

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The Writing Your Personal Myth online course will provide you a with a container to dive deeply into the realm of myth, and go on a journey of deep personal transformation and self knowledge. You will be supported in your process by a writing workshop group, one to one mentorship, ancient and shamanic tools, teachings and readings. You are given access to guided shamanic journeys, hypnotherapy, energetic healing and intuitive readings. This course provides you with the opportunity and structure to begin and/or complete a publishable story inspired by your life. 

The exchange for the program is $3,333.

  • Bi-annual or monthly payment plans are available

  • Sliding scale is also provided by reaching out 

The deadline to apply for 2024 is May 31st


Here is a break down of our monthly curriculum for our group seminar. Each month, there will also be a writing workshop group, and a one-on-one mentoring session.


Rose Wollf is a poet and writer with an MFA in Creative Writing, and an MA in English Education. She is a licensed hypnotherapist, shamanic practitioner, witch, mother, and lover of stories. She runs a forest school for children and has been teaching and mentoring the spectrum of ages for over 15 years. She is passionate about connecting with wonder in the animate world, finding meaning and wisdom. She is a student of indigenous myths, magic, cosmologies and ceremonial practices. She alchemizes communion with spirit, nature, and ancient ways to inspire imagination, voice and vision into full bloom. Her poems have been featured in The Best American Poetry blog, Able Muse, The Southeast Review, Espresso Ink and read on NPR.

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