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Shamanic Healing Journey

Image by Studio Kealaula


Using a precise alignment of stones arranged in a powerful crystal grid, you are gently led into an altered state, resulting in a profound shift in consciousness while being safely guided through a very personal shamanic journey.

During a session, you are guided to releasing long-suppressed traumas, connections, blockages, and beliefs using a variety of techniques, oftentimes including past life regression.  We travel across time and space to alternative realities, experiencing the root causes, as well as solutions, to current life frustrations.  The result is a clearing of negative energies and patterns of experience that are affecting your current sense of well-being, so that profound emotional, physical, and spiritual healing is able to occur.

Crystal Dreaming opens channels to the spirit world, facilitating inter-dimensional travel. From this state, life-changing positive and immediate results are possible. This advanced technique allows you to explore various aspects of reality, gaining clarity of purpose while giving you the opportunity to integrate with your Higher Self and to consciously align with your life plan.

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Crystal Dreaming is a drug-free and no-touch process that allows you to access your own Higher Guidance through an altered or expanded state of consciousness.  Through that process:

  • Energy not in alignment with unconditional love becomes apparent.

  • Challenges are resolved on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level.

  • Your life's purpose becomes clarified.

We will spend about 2 hours together. The first part will be about connecting with one another, and exploring the work so that you will completely understand what I am doing, why I am doing it, and most importantly, how you can partner with me in this work.  Because it is very much about partnership, as you and I take a journey together, exploring those energies that no longer serve you and are ready to be released, to then explore your deeper Life truths.

Image by Marc Schulte


  • The work itself will take about 90 minutes, although it could take a bit longer than that.

  • Please don’t wear any perfume or essentials oils, as the scent tends to linger and other clients may be sensitive to such things.

  • You'll be entering into a meditative state, and will be lying down on a comfy mat on the floor, so that you will be free to totally surrender and relax.

  • You are in complete control.  I only see what you are willing to show me, and are ready to release.

  • Although you may be visiting past energies that may have been uncomfortable when they were first experienced, this work tends to be filled with joy.  You will be identifying suppressed energies from a place of power, love, and curiosity, and the experience tends to be liberating, rather than painful.  

  • You'll probably be feeling grounded but reflective after your session, and arranging some time to process and integrate before jumping back into your life would be useful.

  • This work is about reconnecting with the best parts of who you are - the parts that have never been damaged, and the parts that have survived anything unpleasant that may have occurred in the past. The result? Living from a deeper experience of yourself.

  • You may have an opportunity to receive answers to Life's most profound questions.  Therefore, it is suggested that you come to your session with a written list of questions to which you'd like answers. Please write or print them out in a way that I can read and easily understand, as I may be using them during the experience.

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