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The runes are an ancient alphabet used by our ancestors for divination, guidance, protection, healing and magical charms. The  word 'rune' simply means mystery, whisper or secret. I offer intuitive rune readings to support you on your path, and use them to create helms, herbal brews, tinctures, and oils.

Image by petr sidorov
Image by v2osk


Personalized guided meditations to support you in connecting with your guides, intuition, plant allies, the medicine wheel and the nine worlds. We will meet for an hour either over Zoom, the phone or in person. During the first half, we will connect on your needs and your journey, followed by the meditation, and ending with a debriefing and card reading.


Walk with me through the forest in the gorgeous Catskill mountains to reconnect with its wisdom, and the beings we will find ourselves surrounded by to receive guidance and healing. On our walk, I will support you in awakening your inner child, sense of adventure, curiosity and wonder. Time in the forest not only supports our mental and physical health, but it also inspires the imagination and can be a powerful tool for processing and overcoming challenges. These walks can be individual or in a small, intimate group.

Image by Steven Kamenar
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